Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Hour Just Got a Whole Lot Sweeter!

East of India's happy hour themed gifts, ideal for every fabulous occasion! 
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

For The Bridesmaid

From Gift Tags to heart-shaped Ring Dishes, make your bridesmaid feel as a bride should on her big day: loved.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's All About Twine

Twine is one of those items you can use for almost anything and is both readily available and inexpensive so you can use a lot or just a little.

Item E3287 

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Above, the twine is used to literally tie this look together. Below, add a vintage key or ornament to add more depth and character to your centerpiece. 

Item E150

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 For those of you looking for more of a challenge find (or buy) twigs like pictured above. Depending on the size of your flower pot or vase you may need larger or smaller twigs. Using your twine you are going tie the twine around each individual piece and then use the twine to tie the next twig and so forth. Once you have a desired length you will tie the twine together to keep the twig covering closed. This is a sure conversation piece!

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How fun is this? Take a piece or two of newspaper and morph it to the shape of a carrot. Using a spray adhesive (my personal favorite) generously cover the newspaper. Take the twine and wrap it around the newspaper pulling tighter at the tip and getting looser at the top. Take blades of grass or any foliage you would like, and using scotch tape bind it together. With the foliage tape side down put it into the newspaper. You just created your carrot top! To color the twine use orange chalk or any color imaginable. You can do this once the twine is wrapped around the newspaper or before. 

As pictured in The Wedding Chicks

A rustic and chic look, tying twine around a bouquet hold everything in place all the while look fabulous! I love this looks so much I used it last September in my own beach-chic wedding!

As pictured in Whimsically Wonderland Weddings

Using the same method we used to create our carrots you can also make eggs! In lieu of newspaper use a plastic egg as your foundation and glue gun the twine on. 


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The New Standard: Easter Baskets

Easter baskets do not have to be filled to the brim with Peeps and Cadbury Eggs, see below for a new wave of baskets that wont leave you at the dentist's office.

easter basket for adults:
photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty 

Need a hostess gift? In lieu of a traditional bouquet, you can make a custom arrangement in a pinch! You will need to get a sealed container that is OK to get wet . If you want to use real flowers/foliage, insert a slightly wet florist sponge to the bottom of the canister, this will act as the base of your display.

photo courtesy of Rustic Crafts

Now add in some more festive pieces like East of India's wooden eggs, standing "Tilda the Hare" figure and perhaps a porcelain heart or two. The best part about the festive additions is that the recipient can use these pieces long after the flowers and foliage have gone by.

Item E5520

Item E2038X

Item E2042
Item E652-UN

photo courtesy of HGTV

A little chocolate never hurt anyone. Pair wine and chocolates in a basket or a bin. Personalize the gift with DIY custom tags!

Item E2263

photo courtesy of Eat Cake for Breakfast 

 This basket has all of your essentials from candles to wine. My two favorite touches are the contrasting black and white ribbon and the succulent!

Item E2115
Item E2354

Baskets do not need to be limited to grown ups- take our coloring pencil kit, heartfelt bookmarks and paper chains- and yes you can throw in a peep or two!
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Monday, February 8, 2016

See You In The Summer!

With winter market in our rear view, we always like to look back at our booths (thanks to our uber talented construction/display teams) to get design inspiration and think how we can better display our product!


  Stacking antique crates or vintage suitcases can bring your display to new heights! The EOI line displays perfectly against the distressed look of the crates and boxes. Don't be afraid of mixing the product.  

Show the product as one would use it. I get a lot of questions about our ornaments. Even if you are not planning on giving them as an actual ornament they can be hung on the wall, on a glass window using a suction cup hook, for gift packaging, the possibilities are endless. 

Create display boards using cork or wood and cover them with burlap or any fabric you prefer. You want the product to pop against the fabric so we recommend doing a neutral color with minimal designs. Staple the fabric to the back of the board. You can chose to frame the board like we did or not.

Be creative in your design but make sure that your product doesn't get lost in the vision!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

EOI Welcomes Kate Toms


The brilliant author, runs her own business producing and selling decorative items inspired by years of childhood memories.






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