Monday, February 8, 2016

See You In The Summer!

With winter market in our rear view, we always like to look back at our booths (thanks to our uber talented construction/display teams) to get design inspiration and think how we can better display our product!


  Stacking antique crates or vintage suitcases can bring your display to new heights! The EOI line displays perfectly against the distressed look of the crates and boxes. Don't be afraid of mixing the product.  

Show the product as one would use it. I get a lot of questions about our ornaments. Even if you are not planning on giving them as an actual ornament they can be hung on the wall, on a glass window using a suction cup hook, for gift packaging, the possibilities are endless. 

Create display boards using cork or wood and cover them with burlap or any fabric you prefer. You want the product to pop against the fabric so we recommend doing a neutral color with minimal designs. Staple the fabric to the back of the board. You can chose to frame the board like we did or not.

Be creative in your design but make sure that your product doesn't get lost in the vision!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

EOI Welcomes Kate Toms


The brilliant author, runs her own business producing and selling decorative items inspired by years of childhood memories.






view the complete collection at

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Display Away

What does it take to create an award winning display? While it does help to have an exceptional product -see below for some prodigious ideas on how to make your product standout.

How innovative is this!? I have seen this look before at a local paper store and I can't tell you how amazing it looks  -Perfect for postcards and other paperie.

photo courtesy of 
I personally love this idea, and you don't have to own a bookstore to make this look work!  The pages of the book create a rustic and chic way to display anything from gift tags to bookmarks and everything in between.

Our bird eggs are exceptional- I can't tell you how many times at the shows I get asked "are those real birds eggs?" The best part is that they not only non perishable- but they display marvelously. In a bowl, glass dome, or on a table all their own, they add depth and character.

Antique boxes, vintage stands and old suitcases are some of our favorite ways to display product at the shows. Insider tip: When dealing with product that is neutral in color add a pop of color with a plant or flowers! 

How cool is this? BONUS- it is super easy to create as all of our ribbon comes on wooden spools. All as you need are a few wooden rods and fasteners and you can put this anywhere in your store.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Time = Party Time

Warm weather and long days make July the perfect month for a great party. We've picked some East of India pieces that will help you host a festive and fun outdoor gathering for family and friends!

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A great way to welcome loved ones or just to set the cheerful, relaxed mood of the event is to arrange big wooden signs on your porch or any outdoor area.

Item E4502

Item E4602

Item E4555

These versatile art prints encased in durable, frames will give your party a rustic yet refined look.
Item E788

This perky little sign will definitely capture the party mood!
Item E2001

Few things in the collection are as versatile as these DIY-chic reversible paper chains!

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One of the most traditional and beautiful ways to use the paper chains is to string them between trees above your guests' heads. Adding ropes of lights will create an almost magical effect.

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Another option is to hang them vertically-they'll look great when a breeze blows!

And who even says paper chains need to be hung? Use them in an altogether different way by wrapping them around candles, jars of utensils, cups, or whatever else you can think of!

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Item E3287

The skeins of twine East of India carries can also be used to create a multitude of unique and special decorations.

Hanging lights and paper chains is great, but why not also create a funky, original garland that your guests will look up at in awe?

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This beach ball garland is super easy to make and absolutely screams summer fun.

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Transport your guests back to their childhood with this adorable garland, made of pool noodles and craft sticks! And while you're at it, why not serve popsicles at the party?

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For a simple yet incredibly classic look, loop twine around some sand dollars. After all, isn't summer all about taking it easy?

Twine can be used for so much more than just hanging decorations. It can also enhance a table setting in many different ways!

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Wrap a few pieces around the rim of a mason jar candle, tie a bow, and voila: a gorgeous, functional centerpiece. You could also fill the jars with utensils or even food or drinks-get creative!

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Go with a nautical theme and use blue napkins and lifesavers to present utensils in an adorable and tasty way!

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You could also do a fun twist on  napkins and replace them with bandanas! After the meal they can be used as an accessory or even for three-legged races and other games!
Item E3111
Item E3190

Fore a less rustic and more elegant effect, use ribbon with an uplifting message instead of twine!

Items E4060 - E4086

Our porcelain letters are a great way to add a personal touch to your event. Tie them to twine-wrapped napkins to mark each guest's place with their initials. 

Each comes with its own piece of twine, so you can also attach them to wine glass stems or almost anything else you can think of!

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You could also string them on twine to mark different areas, such as the bar or a game station!
Item E4148

Encourage guests to relax and enjoy with these sweet plates.
Item E8003
Item E2063
Item E8002

While mugs might not be the first thing you'd think to have at a summer party, the messages on these ones are as light and cheerful as the season itself.

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Create centerpieces by filling mugs with beautiful summer flowers, maybe even from your own garden if you're going for a natural, home-grown look. (The books are optional, but why not pile up some great beach reads and let people borrow the ones they find interesting!)

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Make microwaveable mug pies so your guests can walk around and socialize while enjoying a delicious summer treat!

Have a great party and remember to relax and enjoy spending this wonderful season with friends and family!